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Browser Sniffer

Button Examples

Change Stylesheet by Resolution

Check an E-mail Address is Valid

Colour Cycler

Decimal to Hex Function

Decimal to Octal Function

Form Validation

Horizontal Bar Graphs

Human Population

Line Graph

List All Propeties for an Object

Parse Search String

Pause Function

Pre-Loading Images

Popup Functions

Redirect Based on Browser

Resize Image by Resolution

Scrollbar Colours


Country Menu

Domain Name Value

Favicon Hints

GeoClock Lines

HTML Character Chart

URL-Encoding Character Chart


100% High DIVs and 3-Column Layout

@import Rule

@import Rule - Alternative

@import Rule - Another Alternative

Alpha Ordered Lists

Avoiding Tantek's Box-Model Hack

Form Layout

hr tags cross-browser

Image Slicing

Link Pseudo-class Order

Netscape 4 Element Margins

No Body Margins

Scrollbar Colours

Styling the Current Page's Nav Link

Visual Basic

Base Conversion Functions

Form Always On Top

Screensavers Explained


Unique Hit Counter


Check an E-mail Address is Valid

Convert A String To Title Case

Count Occurrences Within a String

Replace Part of a String (pre 1.4)

Split a String into a Vector

Get Current Date/Time

Set Date/Time From String