HTML Character Chart


The following is a chart of HTML characters. These values can be used for displaying non-standard letters and characters in a way that will not interfere with the browser's interpretation of HTML.

UnicodeISO 8879 entityISO 8879 descriptionMathematica glyph
0023#number sign 
0024$dollar sign 
0025%percent sign 
0027"quotation mark 
0028(O: left parenthesis 
0029)C: right parenthesis 
002A*ast B: asterisk 
002B+plus sign B: 
002C,P: comma 
002E.full stop, period 
003A:colon P: 
003B;semicolon P: 
003C<less-than sign R: 
003D=equals sign R: 
003E>greater-than sign R: 
003F?question mark 
0040@commercial at 
005B[lbrack O: left square bracket 
005C\backslash reverse solidus 
005D]rbrack C: right square bracket 
005Eˆcircumflex accent 
005F_low line 
0060`grave accent 
007B{lbrace O: left curly bracket 
007C|vert vertical bar 
007D}rbrace C: right curly bracket 
00A0 no break (required) space
00A1¡inverted exclamation mark
00A2¢cent sign
00A3£pound sign
00A4¤general currency sign 
00A5¥yen yen sign
00A6¦broken (vertical) bar 
00A7§section sign
00A9©copyright sign
00AAªordinal indicator, feminine 
00AB«angle quotation mark, left
00AC¬neg /lnot not sign
00AD­soft hyphen 
00AE®circledR registered sign
00B0°degree sign
00B1±pm B: plus-or-minus sign
00B2²superscript two 
00B3³superscript three 
00B4´acute accent 
00B5µmicro sign
00B6¶pilcrow (paragraph sign)
00B7·centerdot B: middle dot
00B9¹superscript one 
00BAºordinal indicator, masculine 
00BB»angle quotation mark, right
00BC¼fraction one-quarter 
00BD½fraction one-half 
00BE¾fraction three-quarters 
00BF¿inverted question mark
00C0Àcapital A, grave accent
00C1Ácapital A, acute accent
00C2Âcapital A, circumflex accent
00C3Ãcapital A, tilde
00C4Äcapital A, dieresis or umlaut mark
00C5Åcapital A, ring
00C6Æcapital AE diphthong (ligature)
00C7Çcapital C, cedilla
00C8Ècapital E, grave accent
00C9Écapital E, acute accent
00CAÊcapital E, circumflex accent
00CBËcapital E, dieresis or umlaut mark
00CCÌcapital I, grave accent
00CDÍcapital I, acute accent
00CEÎcapital I, circumflex accent
00CFÏcapital I, dieresis or umlaut mark
00D0Ðcapital Eth, Icelandic
00D1Ñcapital N, tilde
00D2Òcapital O, grave accent
00D3Ócapital O, acute accent
00D4Ôcapital O, circumflex accent
00D5Õcapital O, tilde
00D6Öcapital O, dieresis or umlaut mark
00D7×times B: multiply sign
00D8Øcapital O, slash
00D9Ùcapital U, grave accent
00DAÚcapital U, acute accent
00DBÛcapital U, circumflex accent
00DCÜcapital U, dieresis or umlaut mark
00DDÝcapital Y, acute accent
00DEÞcapital THORN, Icelandic
00DFßsmall sharp s, German (sz ligature)
00E0àsmall a, grave accent
00E1ásmall a, acute accent
00E2âsmall a, circumflex accent
00E3ãsmall a, tilde
00E4äsmall a, dieresis or umlaut mark